In 1977 Ruth Carlson, Licensed Massage Therapist, developed 'BODY GLO' massage cream. It has been a wonderful medium for working in massage therapy. She wanted to expand into a line of lotion and creme using more natural oils hence the birth of Silk Rain Cream.

During the developing process, Ruth asked 14 Massage Therapists to participate in a trial evaluation of Silk Rain Cream. The therapists would use the product on their clients and then fill out an evaluation sheet to give feedback on how well it worked or didn't work for both them and their clientele. The following are some of the documented comments from the Therapists.

  “smooth glide”
  “non greasy”
  “did not use much”
  "it was so light”
  “left the skin supple”
  “silky feel”
  “washed off easily”
  “smooth & creamy”
  “good for specific work”
  “easy to work with”
  “good for deep tissue work”
  “healed my hands which broke out from using another product”
  "Love, Love, Love the Walk in the Woods scent.